Network Implementation

Master-LockWe are distinguished as a premier structured cabling design and installation company. Our main objective is that all interior and exterior work be constructed to the highest standards, not only to meet and pass all codes, but also the quality control established by the customers’ turn-key requirements.

Our company employs a Total Quality Management approach to enhance our services. Constant attention to the quality of our work is a critical component of our services. Management and technical staff use the most advanced test equipment, strict installation standards, and control procedures developed to insure that all services provided are of the highest quality.

Our credentials include a C-7 California Contractors License # 959442

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Critical Infrastructure Solutions

public safetyThe key to securing critical infrastructure is the ability to detect and respond to an intrusion before the intruder steps foot in restricted area. With QPCS RSU (Remote Surveillance Unit) we can set rules to detect persons or cars in restricted areas, objects loitering, or objects traveling in wrong direction.

Example: Person or car entering thru an exit gate.These rules can be scheduled to meet requirements of the Surveillance Management Team, allowing the team augment the physical security personal on site. The RSU has a Speaker for talk down, allowing security personal or monitoring company interactive response to the intruder. Most intruders leave, the rest are arrested and prosecuted.

QPCS RSU enables operators of critical infrastructure sites to interactively monitor intrusions in real time.In addition to offering alert based security, the RSU integrates additional functionality required by the customer.

Is Your Network Ready?

Criminal Justice Information SystemsThe latest CJIS guideline dictates that all Public Safety agencies must implement advanced Two-Factor authentication by September 30th of 2014.

This new regulation will have a direct impact on all agencies utilizing Wireless Technologies.

QPCS is highly experienced in delivering surveillance integration, combing our core skills in Wireless and IT infrastructure, we offer unique solutions to government institutions, agencies, the military, airports, law enforcement, and City Wide deployments for over 10 years.