As an add-on to the RSU® Security system, QPCS recommends the use of SENTRI, a Gunshot Detection system capable of identifying gun fire and raising a security alarm that can be escalated to the Viewpoint Command Center.

SENTRI specializes in the use of smart sensors for threat recognition and localization. The system is a breakthrough technology that recognizes gunshots and explosions, and sends range and bearing details to cameras which can then locate the source of the event.

The shooter location is determined by measuring time difference of arrival (TDOA) of the acoustic signal at the four microphones. The microphones are located on the Cartesian coordinate axes.

The SENTRI system is insensitive to potential false alarm sources that are similar to gunshot sounds, such as a car backfiring, doors slamming, construction noises and gusty wind conditions.

Sample Videos: City of Richmond, CA uses SENTRI to reduce gun

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