QPCS and Verizon Wireless deliver advanced 4G LTE mobile broadband technologies to Public safety, delivering unprecedented access to real-time, critical information anywhere, anytime. As a society, we place high standards on the first responders who safeguard our Communities. That means the mission critical technologies our Public Safety Officials use every day must exceed high standards as well.

Verizon 4G/LTE enables QPCS to offer powerful and innovative solutions for better protecting our first responders and help them deliver the next generation of public safety communications.


Many public safety agencies are facing the reality that maintaining their traditional Private DataTAC Radio systems (800Mhz) is quickly becoming cost prohibitive. The existing equipment is aging and spare parts become harder to find. Not to mention the fact that DataTAC Radio is limited by data transfer speeds of 19.2Kbps. With that in mind, agencies are taking a closer look at Verizon 4G/LTE access and the great benefits that a Verizon 4G LTE network has to offer.

Leveraging Verizon 4G/LTE Networks is a must for today’s mission-critical communications. Public Safety, utility and transportation agencies are incorporating 4G cellular or private 700Mhz solutions into their overall network strategies to benefit from better performance and improved response times.


At QPCS, we take pride in providing Turn-Key Mobility Upgrade solutions that meet today’s 4G/LTE standards as well as CJIS Security Guidelines. Our group will handle all aspects of the project implementation including: system design, in-vehicle installation, server configuration and even the CJIS application ready for DOJ approval. By combining Mult-IP VPN software with Two-Factor Authentication, we’ll leverage the existing internet connection as the preferred way to communicate with mobile units, thus reducing ongoing costs associated with the use of Private Data Networks. Our system design also allows for agencies to maintain their existing 800Mhz network and automatically failover to DataTAC Private Radio at any time. Our rugged modems will handle the 4G/LTE connection in the vehicle, and even support AVL services with the built-in GPS radio. With many agencies already using our Mobility Solutions for mission-critical communication, we feel confident that your next Mobile Data upgrade will be a success.