QPCS has a sustained track record of preventing crime using our Remote Surveillance Unit® (RSU®) for Copper theft.

We currently supply RSU® to many power and water utilities, Transportation hubs, and Cities. The key to our success is the prevention of crime, not a video archive of the copper theft. QPCS has developed this solution in cooperation with Verizon Wireless and has a proven track record of “True” crime prevention; see below for actual case studies.

The standard RSU, includes choice of Verizon 4G LTE router, environmental controls and sensors, multi-volt power supplies, analytics appliance, and speaker.

For copper theft, the RSU® utilizes pattern based, self-learning, self-calibrating Video Analytics to effectively recognize humans, vehicles, vessels, as well as suspicious objects. Ex. The vehicle pulls up to a defined area, and the person gets out of vehicle, this would trigger an alert, allowing the monitoring party to react with a verbal response. This proactive response eliminates the threat and the copper theft. RSU uses real time Analytics to provide accurate object detection, and minimizes false alarms raised by animals, moving branches, foliage, etc.

Within the RSU®, rules are configured to help the system determine if any of these objects represent a threat to the security of any given facility. Such rules include trespassing, loitering, object left behind, object enters or leaves the area, as well as Invisible Beams used to detect if a secured area has been breached.

The RSU® provides the Verizon 4G LTE connectivity necessary to ensure that alarms are promptly escalated to the Monitoring Command Center, who can conduct active “Voice Downs” through the Loud Speakers, and deter criminals before they commit a crime. The RSU® is also capable of integrating FLIR Thermal Cameras to apply the same Analytic rules to the thermal imaging, thus providing threat detection even in complete darkness.

It is common practice for criminals to cut the power lines and assume the cameras will be offline while they commit their crime. The RSU® houses a battery system capable of providing temporary power to the unit, and quickly alerting monitoring agents when AC Power has been lost.

The RSU has the intelligence, instructions, and backup to behave as a virtual security guard, for the fraction of the cost of a live guard.