sample-imgMany cities need to ensure citizen safety, the problem is connectivity and infrastructure. The QPCS RSU (Remote Surveillance Unit) allows for easy deployment anywhere a virtual security guard is needed. The RSU includes Verizon 4G LTE uplink, and WIFI for local access allowing Police officers local access to recorded video and live feeds. The RSU can be solar powered or connected to a Cobra Street light, reducing the need and expense of a pole and power.

We offer additional options for detection of persons or vehicles in restricted areas, objects loitering, even support a Gun Shot Detector. The key is the portability and rapid deployment of the system, City administration can physically move RSU anywhere it is needed.


  • City Wide Surveillance
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Graffiti Prevention
  • Skate Park
  • RSU
  • 4G LTE Site Access
  • AVL Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Milestone Video Management Systems
  • Isonas POE Access Control Readers
  • Assa Abloy Wireless Access Control
  • POTS Swap (Replacing Dial-Up/Lease Lines for AutoDialers)
  • Replace T1, Frame Relay, and Private Radio with 4G
  • Gun Shot Detector System
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Covert Solutions
  • Rapid Deployment Systems

The key is allowing police and first responders access to cost effective tools that allow them to access the video they need to maintain situational awareness at all times.