Last September 2014, the FBI made it a requirement for all Public Safety agencies to implement advanced Two-Factor authentication in order to protect CJIS related information. These strict set of security controls are defined in the FBI’s CJIS security policy, and must be adhered to by all agencies.

CJIS Security Policy (section requires organizations to implement Advanced Authentication controls to securely and properly access the CJIS database from non-secure locations including police cars. Latest CJIS Security Policy from FBI:

QPCS has partnered with Entrust to deliver a comprehensive suite of identity-based security solutions designed, in part, to help law enforcement agencies comply with requirements mandated by the FBI CJIS division. Entrust’s diverse set of authentication capabilities include user-based public key infrastructure (PKI), smartcards, software & hardware tokens, grid cards, risk-based authentication (IP-geolocation), SMS, email, and a range of One Time Password (OTP) tokens.

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