Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) is a revolutionary advancement in surveillance radar technology for industrial security. CSR is a radar small enough to be installed on our RSU® Security Tower, and capable or recognizing a human threat approaching the perimeter up to 1500ft away, and in open space.

By combining multiple CSR Ground Radar systems in strategic locations, the system is capable of covering up to 40 acres. Extremely hard to defeat, it works through rain, fog, snow, and tracks any moving target in its line of sight with ranges of up to 1500ft with a coverage area of up to 40 acres. The CSR Ground Radar weighs less than 2 pounds, making it easy to place anywhere on existing structures, especially on our RSU® Security Towers. With its built in TCP/IP network interface, it easily connects to existing Ethernet networks that utilize Power over Ethernet technology.

The CSR Ground Radar is a perfect addition to our RSU® security system, particularly for utility substations and power plants, providing early warning detection and identification of threats both inside and outside the fence line.

The CSR Ground Radar system provides complete detection, tracking, recording and alerting of intruders in and around the substation. This type of system adds particular value around large remote substations where detection of an intruder prior to entering the perimeter is critical.

Key Capabilities of the CSR Ground Radar include:

  1. Automatic, outside-the-fence threat detection with slew-to-cue integration
  2. Automatically operates FLIR PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Thermal Cameras to track the intruder
  3. Effective operation in rain, snow, fog, dust and at extreme temperatures
  4. Low false alarm rates
  5. Easily deployed in remote areas without trenching
  6. User defined zones or geo-fences to alert only on activity within areas of concern
  7. User defined behavioral filters to alert only on behaviors of concern, such as speed of approaching threat
  8. Modular design able to compensate for varying terrains and environmental conditions
  9. Web browser based user interface for use on PCs, tablets, and smart phones

See the CSR Ground Radar in action (Video)

CSR Ground Radar combined with FLIR Thermal Camera (Video)