QPCS offers a complete range of Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) products and services. From site consultation and system design, to systems and software, we provide a full-suite of solutions to meet your needs both fixed and mobile. The most common application is deployed with our Remote Surveillance Unit® (RSU®) combined with LPR cameras that can be configured to automatically upload and compare license plates against a Department of Justice (DOJ) database. Adding the 4G LTE component allows for this real time access to databases and alerting capabilities.

The license plate & vehicle data collected can be used for:
-Electronic Toll Collection
-Parking, Access Control, Revenue Control and Car Park Management
-Vehicle Inventory Parking Software
-Intelligent Policing Public Safety Software
-Travel Time Management and Average Speed Enforcement
-Tracking wanted felons entering your City

Our customized LPR security system meets specific industry needs, including those of airports, universities, labs, car parks, seaports, private businesses and other secured facilities. Combined with our video surveillance options, customers can receive data rich incident reports, see below.

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