Known as the RSU-TRANSPORT, the Remote Surveillance Unit® (RSU®) is available in a Rapid Deployment Unit for portable battery powered applications. RSU-TRANSPORT is available with many options, from cameras that can detect human pattern as well as cars trespassing or loitering. It also supports the Ground Radar system capable of detecting objects in wide 2015-06-13_22-15-56open areas up to 40 acres.

QPCS has embedded the Verizon 4G LTE and antennas in a self-contained Pelican case, allowing field personnel to send alerts and video clips to subscribers or monitoring personnel.

Applications include temporary deployments where there is no power available, roof tops, parks, construction sites. QPCS does offer solar options as a power source, but with the RSU-TRANSPORT, a single pelican case includes up to 48 hours of battery operation. Covert options also available.