QPCS offers an innovative security design called the RSU® (Remote Surveillance Unit®), which integrates a wide range of security technologies, resulting in total Situational Awareness of the entire facility. Some of these technologies include encrypted Wireless & Cellular communications, Advanced Video Analytics, Infrared & Thermal Imaging, Acoustics for Gunshot detection, Ground Radar, Access Control and Rapid-Deploy Camera systems.

By utilizing “video analytics” and 4G LTE technology at the perimeter, we are able to recognize threats at a very early stage, greatly increasing the effectiveness of our system and enabling us to essentially “prevent crimes”. Organizations no longer have to rely on human operators to process and analyze volumes of real-time or historical video. Instead, they can quickly receive automatic alarms originating from the cameras, and react according to specific security protocols.

This security concept allows us to create an “outer ring” of detection around the perimeter, helping security personnel defuse a trespassing situation before it escalates. When an intruder is detected, our agents are able to conduct a live “voice down” via a loud-speaker system that’s part of the RSU®, which results in almost 100% rate of deterrence. Specific protocol can be put in place so that local authorities are notified prior to conducting a live voice-down.

RSU® stops “Copper Theft” at a PG&E site (Video)