Most security problems can be avoided by simply controlling access to your premises. As a security best practice, corporations these days require employees to present an Access Control badge to enter restricted areas. There is also a big initiative to merge this physical door access with video surveillance footage, both needed to confirm identity of the employee, and also provide a visual record of individuals entering or leaving the premises.

Our RSU® system (Remote Surveillance Unit®) supports the addition of Access Control readers made by Cisco Indentiv and Isonas, both offering POE based readers that integrate into leading VMS providers such as Milestone XProtect & Cisco VSM. Finally a Verizon 4G LTE edge solution that supports advanced video and access control anywhere needed without the need for power or connectivity.

Access Control and Energy & Water Utilities:

Utility companies have never been more vulnerable than in today’s climate, where threats to security include terrorism, natural disaster, theft and internal crime. The protection of key facilities such as water treatment plants, remote pump sites, electric facilities and network infrastructure (particularly substations) is also high on the political agenda.Large cities are an obvious target for terrorism, but smaller communities are not immune. In response to the threat of terrorism, the government has taken specific actions to ensure the safety and preparedness of the nation’s water supply by enacting laws, developing guidelines and providing financial assistance to tighten security across the government and the private sector.

Due to the nature of many of the remote sites in the water sector, agencies are looking for the RSU® to provide a robust solution allowing physical security as well as flexibility in terms of access control to all remote sites. Many of these locations have to be secure, yet accessible 24 hours a day. Maintenance visits are irregular and often conducted by different staff. Keys constantly change hands, increasing the security risk and potentially resulting in theft, vandalism or even terrorist attack. Contact our sales team to learn more about our Access Control solutions  –