Using the QPCS Remote Surveillance Unit® (RSU®) as a “Virtual Security Guard” is the most effective way for our customers to eliminate illegal dumping around the city, copper theft, loitering and other unwanted actions, and replaces a full time security guard.

The RSU® has the ability to quickly react and respond to an intrusion alarm, with the ability of detecting an intruder even before they gain access to a restricted area of the property or building.

By combining Advanced Video Analytics, the RSU® is able to detect an actual “human” pattern, and alerts based on persons or cars entering a restricted area, or other events such as a person loitering, a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction, or a suspicious object left behind. As an example, a Person or Car entering thru an exit gate, or loitering in a parking lot.

These rules can be scheduled to meet requirements of the Surveillance Management Team or a SMB customer, allowing anyone the power of having a “Virtual Security Guard” without having to pay exorbitant costs.

RSU® stops “Copper Theft” at a PG&E site (Video)

The RSU® also includes a Loud Speaker, which allows for the customer, or our monitoring agents, to conduct “talk-downs” or “voice-downs”, and advice the intruder to leave immediately before any crime or theft has been committed. In most cases the intruder leaves, avoiding the crime or intrusion.

Many of our customers agree that preventing the crime is truly the key to the success of the RSU® system, which also reduces loss of productivity, clean-up costs, loss of assets, and an increase in insurance premiums. The RSU® also delivers these improvements at a fraction of the cost, and with a nominal monthly fee.

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